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The RAWC Basketball Athletic training

“On this rock I will build my game, I will develop a foundation that allows me to add skills and lead to my success.”

Call: 937.280.4026

what we do

We build confidence, pinpoint weaknesses and strengthen their overall skillset in basketball. We want their skills to relate to game-time action and not just practice drills. We accept all skill levels and our goal is to have athletes feel more confidence and have more finesse in their own basketball game. We expect to see improvement in their game after training with us.



For athletes who want our trainers to work with them individually. Our trainers will go over the player’s live game footage and will assess and develop a personalized plan that will address their current basketball skills and how they can improve their game. 

For one-on-one sessions once/week for 4 weeks is $200.

For players who want individual training and still want to participate in group 4 week sessions, the cost is $175/month which includes 1 one-on-one and 1 group session per week, for 4 weeks.

we help with

Speed and agility

Improve the quickness and strength of ball-handling skills. develop a faster-paced game and build endurance.

Finesse and style

Add moves to improve the player’s game while building confidence. Help create a basketball style that will help the player excel. 

knowledge of the game

Improve basketball IQ – dive into the depths of the game and learn how to come out on top of any situation. 


4 or 6 weeks

Once a week your athlete will train with the trainer they have been matched with for an hour and 15 minute long session. The cost is $120/month for once a week, with a total of 4 sessions, or $240/month for twice a week, with a total of 8 sessions. Players will get a progress report after every training session.

how to get started

Every child will have an hour-long one-on-one consultation with one of our skilled trainers. The consultation is $50. At the end of the consultation, the trainer will email you an assessment sheet that highlights the player’s strengths and weaknesses and outlines a recommended training plan within our program. Based on what your needs are, we will match you with a trainer who specializes in that area.

Call us at 937.280.4026


the team

Our talented team is here to help your child grow into the best athlete they can be. With extensive experience in basketball coaching, our team creates a family-friendly environment that puts the player first. 

coach harris

coach wes

Coach AJ


“My 10-year-old daughter did a group session with Coach AJ and Coach Char. After only 2 sessions I could tell at her next basketball game her ball-handling skills had improved tremendously, and she was more comfortable being under pressure.”

Lorenzo Cash

“My son really enjoys his one-on-one sessions with Coach AJ. I’m seeing a lot of improvement with his knowledge of the game. “

Alexis Love